A streamlined process to your own professional website.

cost effective

I am transparent with my rates and charge a fraction of most web designers.

technical aspects mastered

Hosting, web design and some search engine optimization all part of the package.

mobile friendly

Your site will seamlessly adapt to any device.

updates & customizations

The site is customized to you and content can be updated and changed by request.


These will only be used as a general skeleton; your site will be customized to you.

MyResume Theme

Web Design

Professional Theme

Web Design

Laura Theme

Web Design

Lonely Theme

Web Design

Freelancer Theme

Web Design

Personal Theme

Web Design

My work

Each site is built with care and individual customization.

Anand Koshy

Laura Theme


Having a personal website makes you a more impressive applicant. It sets you apart, looks professional, and increases your chances of getting job and interview offers.

Yet learning about web design, web hosting, and domain names is a timely endeavor. Simple online services can look unprofessional and will promote themselves on your site.

I'll create a website to your complete satisfaction and master all the technical aspects that go into a website!


Services total less than $250 a year.
ServicesUp Front CostsRecurring Costs
Domain Name and Consultation--$15 a year
Website Creation & Maintenance$100$30 per update
$10 a month
& no domain fee

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